It’s what we do…

8 steps to a happy client…it’s what we do!

How do you convert a prospect into a lifelong customer? We can’t speak for everyone else, but here’s how WE do it…

We bring you the “EBISS 8 steps to a happy customer”,
1. Quick responses – nobody likes to be kept waiting
2. Expert & confident advice
3. Clear & concise answers to all questions & inquiries
4. Clearly specified itemized budgets
5. Adding value with suggestions for improvements or savings
6. Delivering on ALL promises ON TIME & ON BUDGET
7. Always deliver to customers deadlines
8. Exceeding your customers expectations!

No matter how tight your timings are for a show, you can count on us to do everything possible to deliver you the exhibition booth you need. All 8 steps were executed in a perfect fashion recently by Derek Huffer, Sales & Marketing Director of EBISS USA, when he assisted our client IPSOS with the provision of a second show stand for the AAPOR show in Toronto.

Derek Huffer – Director of International Sales & Marketing

The good news for IPSOS was that they got in touch with EBISS USA! Derek was immediately on hand to assist them with all aspects of their stand, right from from the design and manufacture, to the final build on site, offering valuable advice along the way, with suggestions that helped them to deliver in a cost-effective way.

One of the key benefits for you of using an experienced Trade Show Asset Management and event logistics company such as EBISS, is that all this expertise is ingrained in all our team and from the very start of the process they can begin adding value for you. Having confidence in our team who are working hard on your behalf, will make every exhibition or conference much less stressful for you too.

Here’s just one example: vacuuming a finished booth can cost anywhere up to $250 if booked through the venue – as Derek suggested to this client, a cheaper way would be to purchase a small vacuum cleaner, which will not only save them money initially but will also then become a valuable piece of their exhibition & conference kit going forward, as it will be packed up with the stand and used again and again. That’s $250 saved for every show going forward!

From the logistics point of view our expertise can also help with not just the shipping, but also the storage post-show. By using a single company for the shipping, build, breakdown and storage you can be sure that the next time you need it your stand will be in perfect condition, expertly packed to prevent damage and will be delivered on time to your next booth.

Quite simply, this is what we do!


A beautifully completed IPSOS booth – resplendent with fresh flowers delivered right to the booth.