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Create the impact you are looking for with our flexible exhibition booth and counter rental options

Renting your booth can be a fantastic option for many businesses, whether you are just testing the water with face to face events, for your first time, or if you already have a booth but occasionally need to rearrange or add additional space, or you are exhibiting at multiple events simultaneously.

It can also save you money when exhibiting overseas as we can arrange the booth frame hire and all your graphics production locally, thereby saving you international shipping costs!

We have all the rental equipment you could ever need to really ensure your booth stands out!  From TV’s and audio equipment, right through to video walls, we have all the kit you need – all with the cost benefits and convenience of rental. 

Is rental right for you?

Renting your booth gives you incredible flexibility to change or update your booth graphics and layout, a perfect solution if you are new to exhibiting or are looking to test out new ideas.   Rental booths can be any size you require – we can supply everything from large space-only booths to compact illuminated back-walls.  The key is to make sure that your chosen layout reflects the look and perceived brand for your business and choose the solution that perfectly fits your requirements.

Benefits of renting:

  1. Reduces your initial outlay; you pay only for the time you need the booth and any personalized graphics needed
  2. No storage fees; simply return once your event has ended
  3. Reduces international shipping costs; when your booth and/or graphics are arranged locally to the event
  4. Versatile & flexible layouts; a perfect addition to your existing booth when you need a little extra space
  5. Enables you to attend multiple events – at the same time!
  6. Low costs for graphics changes; simply update, reprint & attach as needed
  7. New to exhibiting?  A rental booth enables you to ‘try before you buy’ – perfect if you are unsure if face-to-face events are right for your business

Rental Counters

A key part to any exhibition booth is the counter – where you welcome your visitors and is often the first point of interaction with customers visiting your booth. Ensuring that your counter gives the same professional look and feel of the rest of your booth is easily achieved using one of our rental counters. The graphics can be matched to the rest of your stand offering great continuity for your brand messaging. They also act as essential storage for all your exhibition essentials!

At EBISS we have a wide selection of booth frames and counter styles to choose from.  Every item can be configured to fit your needs perfectly and customized with your own printed branding.  

We can provide you with a cost-effective, flexible solution that is certain to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd!

Why not get in touch today, and we can help you make your exhibition and trade show dream a reality!

Whatever you need, we can help!

We don’t just supply the booths – we can supply you with everything you need! Also available to rent from EBISS, are counters, furniture, storage, leaflet stands, interactive digital lead gathering kiosks, and Audio Visual (AV) equipment, sound equipment and video wall technology.  See our Rental Equipment page for more details.

Giving you the flexibility to deliver the corporate stand you dream of – without blowing the budget!

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