For event organizers...


We are event specialists, in every aspect of setting up and running live events.

We can provide a complete solution to help your exhibitors arrange and implement all of their booth shipping, handling and installation requirements – so you can be certain that all your exhibitors will be in the right place, at the right time!

As part of your due diligence in the post-coronavirus world, having a single company responsible for the unloading and moving of booths  will help reduce the exposure of your staff, exhibitors, and visitors to unnecessary interactions during the setup and break down phase.

We can support you and your exhibitors with:

  • Shipping – domestic, courier and international
  • Rental booth provision and packages
  • Rental furniture packages
  • Advance warehouse facilities
  • Consolidated deliveries
  • Booth design & creation
  • Booth install & dismantle
  • Virtual booth design and supply
  • Service hook-ups and facilities
  • Event banners and signage
  • Professional digital content for your event
  • Conference set up including microphones, audio equipment, lecterns & screens 

Shipping for your event - why choose EBISS Inc as your preferred partner...

As the event organizer you can help your exhibitors streamline their planning and event implementation, while also ensuring that everything is in the right place, at the right time – helping ensure your event is a success right from the start. 

When you list EBISS as your nominated Official Shipping Partner, Customs Broker, or international shipping specialist, we can take care of your exhibitors either from the pick-up in their country of origin or when their exhibit lands at a US airport or port.

We can provide you with someone on the ground to oversee shipments coming in for your event and also meet with your exhibitors to control the re-export after your event. 

EBISS gives you more than just Customs or shipping.  We provide the entire package.

  • Exhibitors can ship to a US airport/port, or we organize global pick-up
  • Import Customs Brokerage
  • Delivery to show site
  • EBISS meeting the customer during the event
  • Oversee outbound reloading
  • Pick-up from the venue and return via air or ocean freight
  • Return Customs Brokerage
  • Return delivery back to your exhibitors designated address
  • Communication at key stages
  • Contact with EBISS 24/7
  • Round-trip insurance
EBISS Event Shipping

Need 4ft tall, lightweight & portable letters for your conference? Not a problem!

Event Management Support

Not only can we help with the shipping for your exhibitors, but we can also assist you with the planning and implementation for your event – everything from arranging signage, providing furniture and laying it all out as per your specifications, working with your electrical contractors to ensure every booth has the services that they require.

For conferences, we can arrange for your stage lighting and layout to be set up and installed, audio equipment and stage furniture such as lecterns & screens, and we can arrange to be on-site to support you and your exhibitors for the duration of your event. We can offer as much, or as little support as you require.

Looking for a shipping and event partner to make YOUR life easier?

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