Art Fair Support


For Exhibitors, Artists & Galleries...

Organizing and arranging everything to exhibit at an art fair can be very stressful for any artist or gallery – we get that.  This is why we will always do everything possible to help take some of the weight off your shoulders.  Through our European & US offices, we can offer you a seamless service and assist you with all your customs and import paperwork, with all the convenience of a domestic US contact team. 

Door-to-door convenience

We can come and collect all your work in one go, and either deliver it directly to the fair, or hold it in our secure, modern warehouse facility until they are required and then deliver right to your booth or display.   For International Art Fairs we offer the same door-to-door convenience – but anywhere in the world!  

Advance Warehouse Facilities

For galleries who are coordinating works from a number of artists, we can act as an advance warehouse for your event, collecting, collating and consolidating all of your shipments from anywhere in the world so they can all be delivered to the venue as a single, well organized load.

Crating & Packing

If your pieces require packing for international shipping, we can collect from you and arrange the custom-made art packing crates to suit all your pieces.

International Logistics Support

Facilities in UK & USA, 24/7 support, international logistics expertise

Customs, Import/Export Paperwork

Ensuring your paperwork is correctly completed is very important and can save you from unexpected charges at a later date.  Our expert team can ensure that all your paperwork is filled in and filed correctly to avoid these unhappy surprises.

Post-event Deliveries

Sold work at the show that you need to deliver to the buyer? Fantastic news – and we can help here too!

Try before you buy…

Out of hours service available (geographic limits apply) to pack, transport and temporarily install your piece in a potential buyers house, to help you with your sale. 

For fair organizers...

Co-ordinated mainly via our European office, we are an experienced and proven logistic partner for Art Fairs – a trusted partner for events such as Collect by the Craft Council, London Art Fair, SOFA Chicago, The Other Art Fair, Woolwich Contemporary Print and more.  We have helped countless galleries and artists exhibit at other world-class art events such as 1-54, FIAC, Frieze, Miami Art, Maison Contemporain, Maison Objet, and Photo London to name just a few! 

We can provide a complete solution to help your exhibitors arrange and implement all of their art shipping and handling requirements – so you can be certain that all your exhibitors will be in the right place, at the right time!

As part of your due diligence in the post-coronavirus world, having a single company responsible for the unloading and moving of artworks around your venue will help reduce the exposure of your staff, exhibitors, and visitors to unnecessary interactions during the setup and break down phase.

We can support you and your exhibitors with:

  • International inbound and outbound shipping
  • Online ordering with bespoke order forms for your event
  • Advance warehousing
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Single drop deliveries built around your timings and requirements
  • Professional art packing services
  • Installation – standard or white glove, as required
  • Try before you buy (UK shows) (Local area to the show)
  • Onsite Soft Wrap Packing for takeaway sales during the event
  • Packing and shipping services worldwide for sold pieces
  • Assisting your organization with any logistics needs for any aspect of your event
  • Storage of any assets in our secure, modern warehouse 

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