We are experienced freight forwarders and can utilize a huge network of trusted partners to personally ensure that your freight arrives on time. Our freight services for companies and private individuals are fully customized to fit your needs.

Air Freight

Wherever in the world you need your shipment sending - we can arrange a direct delivery & collection with door-to-door convenience.

Sea Freight

We can arrange cost-effective shipping for bulky or heavy items anywhere in the world. Full-load or consolidated container shipping is available.

Road Freight

Door-to-door convenience and peace of mind come as standard. Whatever you need moving, and wherever you need it moving to - we can help!

About Our Freight Forwarding Services

First and foremost we are a highly experienced freight forwarding company that utilize a huge network of trusted partners and direct employees to ensure that your freight gets there on time.  We offer freight services for companies and private individuals, with our services customized to fit your needs.

Behind all of our event logistics services is our commercial freight forwarding division.  Without our extensive and proven experience in commercial freight, we would not have the event shipping knowledge we have.

As a commercial freight forwarder, we can provide

  • Export or Import services by airsea or road
  • Customs brokerage
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Case manufacture
  • Export Packing
  • Documentation Services
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Personal Effects
  • Same day Courier Services
  • Express Courier Services

Air Freight

We offer air freight forwarding to companies and individuals alike.  If you’re looking for door to door service, utilizing our network of worldwide agents with whom we have had many years of working together, we’ll take care of your Air Freight shipment from origin to destination to include Customs clearance and of course, our regular shipment updates.

Door to airport

Our door to airport service can provide you with the choice of using your own Customs agent at your airport of destination.  We’ll still give you the same excellent service and updates but you’re agent will take over your shipment on arrival.


To benefit from improved rates, you can use our consolidated service.  This is where we group several Air Freight consignments for the same destination into a consolidation under one master AWB.  Each consignment can be issued with it’s own House AWB.  You benefit from our consolidated rate and can select a door-door or door-airport service only.

Out of gauge

Freight or cargo that does not fit normally in one of the standard air freight containers is considered out of gauge and will often require specialist packing or a dedicated air cargo service.  If you have a requirement for OOG cargo, just let us know.


The way we track our clients shipment is where we are different.  Many companies will provide you with a tracking number which you have to enter into a website to get your own updates when you feel you need an update.  EBISS can do better.  Throughout the shipment progress, at key stages we can send you a personalized email (or phone call) update on your air freight shipment’s status. Many carriers websites will say ‘awaiting international Customs release’  – we will tell you when the entry was presented to Customs and when release can be expected.  This gives you not only peace of mind but a realistic time frame for when your shipment will be delivered.


When you have an unusual shipment that requires a charter aircraft, we’ll check routing, timescale and payload to establish the most suitable aircraft for your needs.  We can offer part-charters, backloads and other solutions, as you need.

We can supervise aircraft loading and unloading and co-ordinate the specialist equipment that your shipment may need.

Personal Effects

If you’re relocating, attending University overseas, sending personal effects to loved ones overseas, or need to send extra baggage, EBISS can help.  We can organize to pick-up your personal effects, pack them, and organize for their delivery anywhere in the world.

Sea Freight

Sea freight forwarding solutions for companies and individuals.  We work with the worlds largest international carriers so we can provide cost-effective and reliable sailing schedules for all our customers.  Our door to door service is designed with your convenience at the heart of everything we do.  

We will take care of your shipment every step of its journey – from origin to final destination, including all your necessary insurance and Customs clearance paperwork.  

All backed up by our regular shipment updates to keep you informed at all times.

Full loads – FCL

If you need a full container load, we can provide any size container that you’re looking for.  Most customers choose a 40’ container but we can provide a 40’ High Cube container.  The difference is just 12 inches or 30cms which equates to an additional 344 cu ft of additional storage.  It also allows you more height to load pieces that exceed the 7’ 10” internal height of a standard 40’ container.

Less Than Container Loads – LCL

Shipping by LCL (or less than a container load) allows you to share a sea freight container with other shippers and as such, benefit from a shared cost as you only pay for the space you use rather than the whole container.

Receiving and palletizing

We can receive your shipment or pick-up from origin, pack and ship on your behalf by sea freight to virtually any world-wide destination

Door to door

With our door-door service on FCL or LCL, we work with our trusted international agents to facilitate timely Customs clearance and deliveries.

Door to port

If you have your own Customs agent, we can export your shipment to arrival port only.  Your own agent can take over on arrival.


We provide you with our key staged update email tracking updates.  We’ll update you at regular stages to keep you posted on your shipments whereabouts and status.

Out of gauge

If you have a shipment that is overheight or overwidth, we can move it. You can call on our expertise to select the correct equipment to move your shipment by sea freight.

We can provide open-top containers, flat racks, platforms, or refrigerated containers and provide the necessary equipment at both the unloading and reloading locations.

Personal Effects

Sending Personal Effects by sea is a cost-effective way of moving your personal effects worldwide.  If a small shipment, you can benefit from our LCL service or for house-moves, we can provide Full Load containers.  All our personal effects services are on a door to door, or door to port service.

Road Freight

At EBISS, we are able to provide road freight transport across North America, Europe and the EMEA.


We can provide groupage services by road for palletized, loose, to dangerous cargo and out of gauge.

Full Loads

If you’ve a requirement for a dedicated full load trailer, we can offer all kinds of equipment for you.  Standard curtain sided vehicles (taut-liners), Mega trailers, road-trains, flat beds, semi-low loaders or whatever you may need.

Dedicated vehicles (UK & Europe)

We have our own vehicles at our disposal for transport around Europe.

Pallet services

EBISS can offer the flexibility that you are looking for, we will establish your requirements and match a service to your needs – all handled and coordinated by EBISS on your behalf.

Personal Effects

Sending personal effects by road is another cost effective way of moving your items.  We can pick-up, pack and export your items in a cost effective manner.


All road freight services can be tracked by the EBISS team and the information communicated to you by email or phone at key stages throughout the shipments progress

Express Shipments

For urgent shipments, we have access to vehicles to all European destinations for speedy delivery.

Seamless Coordination

We can ensure that all aspects of your shipments are planned and executed following a coordinated plan – ensuring a smooth service, every step of its journey.

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