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A One-stop shop for all your exhibition & conference needs

Your convenience is our priority

In addition to our conference courier logistics, we can offer a Pick & Pack fulfilment service, to assist you with all your essential exhibition literature, branded giveaways and other items you may require for your event.

We’ll hold a stock of all your literature, giveaways and consumables and provide an easy to use on-line ordering facility.  When booking your shipping for your show, simply complete the simple order form and we will pick the items and pack them ready for your event.  Any remaining items will then be put back into storage until they are needed again.

We also have an on-line inventory tool so you can access what we have in store at any point. Organizing your marketing materials with delivery direct to stand is only a click away.


Perfect for all your little event essentials:

  • Leaflets & flyers
  • Catalogs & brochures
  • Stationery for your booth
  • Bags
  • T-shirts & clothing
  • Giveaways – everything from phone accessories to pens, drinks bottles to shoeshine kits
  • Toys & games
  • Sweets & chocolates – we will keep an eye on the expiry dates for you

Key benefits for you:

  • Simplifies your exhibition planning – if we are storing & delivering your booth, it makes sense to get everything from the same supplier, easier for you & more cost-effective
  • Saves you space – removes the need for any storage space in your own office facility
  • Saves you money on printing costs – printing or purchasing giveaways in bulk will save on your unit costs
  • Quick reference stock figures – your online order form displays all the current stock we hold of each item, so you can easily identify any reordering requirements
  • Saves you time – as we manage your stock for you, we can even arrange reprints/repurchasing of your items if needed
  • Frees up your staff to carry out activities that add more value to your business
  • Saves you shipping costs – as we can pack all of your literature and other items and deliver along with your exhibition booth, direct to your stand space
  • Cuts down your stress – you can be certain that everything will be there on your booth ready for your show
  • Simple online ordering – you can view your stock levels and place your orders online
  • QC – all items are inspected upon arrival and we can feedback any issues straight away

How the EBISS online system works for you:

Time-saving: With a single online submission, you can arrange your entire exhibition booth and equipment

Convenient: You booth & marketing materials can be delivered direct to the venue, at the same time, in a single drop

Efficient: We will store all your assets and accessories under one roof:

      • Pick & Pack – collateral, giveaways, pens etc.
      • Banners, pop-up banners, modular booths, custom built booths
      • Booth accessories & technical equipment
      • Order online, select what you need, let us know when & where (worldwide) you need it delivering and we will handle the rest

Clear  & simple: With our online stock management system you can see clearly if you are running low on anything

      • EBISS can arrange re-prints of collateral & source your consumables if required
      • Or you can have your items printed & sent direct to us

Flexible: We are constantly working with customers and updating our systems to help your events run as smoothly and reducing your stress at every turn.  If you have any special requests or and suggestions on services you require – please get in touch! 

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