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Audio Visual (AV) Equipment & Digital Lead Capture

Give your booth more impact with additional mounted screens, or floor-standing screens positioned to spread your company message and presentations far and wide! Moving images and snappy presentations will catch the eye and help draw in visitors to your booth – after all, that is what you are there for isn’t it?

Seemingly small details can have a major impact on the performance of your booth for any event and in the new ways of doing events post Covid-19, having touch-free methods of spreading your company brand or messages will become a vital part of every booth.

If you are exhibiting overseas, we can ensure that all your equipment has the correct adaptors and voltage for your destination country – just one more thing that you don’t need to worry about, because we can take care of everything!

Screens - Booth mounted or floor-standing

Freestanding TV screens in a number of configurations, add extra impact without the need to mount them into your booth frame.  We also have a number of flat-screen TV’s available in a range of sizes which can be mounted onto your booth if you prefer.

Video Wall Technology

We can integrate into your booth, any size of video wall you require, we have video wall technology available to rent for your event and we can install it to help you bring life and vibrancy to your booth, giving you an eye-catching focal point for your brand messages.  

Audio Equipment

A complete solution for your conference or presentation events, we can supply microphones, amps and full conference sets comprising lecterns & screens too.   

Digital Lead Capture Kiosk

Touch screen lead & data capture in this compact free-standing unit.  Eye-catching and interactive, this kiosk will encourage visitors on to your stand and make data collection quick, simple, and reliable.  For a more detailed look at this item click here to read our blog all about it.

Digital Lead Capture Kiosk in use

Looking to create a fun, interactive vibe on your Exhibition or Trade Show Booth, whilst also capturing all that valuable sales lead data? Want to draw visitors on to your stand and then have them spread your brand across Social Media for you?

Want to do ALL of this without having to purchase a single piece of tech kit?

Here is how you can achieve ALL the above – thanks to the latest, and dare we say it, most exciting addition yet to our Trade Show rental collection.

Introducing our Digital Lead Capture Kiosk. It is available to hire for as long, or as short a time as you need it. No overheads for you – you only pay for when you actually need it.

How does it work?

The Kiosk is a compact floor-standing unit that contains built-in lighting for a dramatic, eye-catching effect. It has a small footprint so won’t take up much floor space in your booth. The stand contains a digital touchscreen which can be configured in several different ways, depending on your preferences.

It will instantly give you:

  • Digital data capture potential
  • Customized content on screen
  • An attractive illuminated talking point that will draw visitors to your booth
  • Online Access to your websites or presentations
  • Access to social media applications directly from your booth
  • Branding opportunities (onscreen & on the stand itself)
Digital Lead Capture Kiosk

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