Services for US Exhibitors at International Events

Globe for WEBEBISS is your #1 choice for shipping from the US to any country in the world.

We want to make your experience of exhibiting, a painless one.

Utilizing our international freight forwarding experience and knowledge, we can ship your exhibits to by air, sea, or for Canada & Mexico, by road.

We work with agents with whom we’ve a relationships over many years in the country that you will be exhibiting.  These companies have worked with our team for many years and their localized knowledge is your key to success.

Without communication, none of what we do is possible.  We have set up our system in a way that communication can be collated and then passed onto you, our customer, so that you have updates available at key intervals.

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We’ve worked out that you should hear from us

  • When freight leaves the US
  • When it arrives at the destination airport / port
  • When it clears Customs
  • When all is at the venue ready for delivery at our pre-agreed time and date
  • After the show when all is at our partners’ warehouse
  • When it departs the airport of departure
  • When it arrives back in the US and has cleared Customs along with a delivery date


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