You need to know where your exhibition goods are at any point during transit to and from your event.  You also need peace of mind knowing that your shipment is in safe hands.

EBISS communicates with our customers at regular and key stages during the process so you know exactly what to expect regarding your shipment and when.

We let you know

  • When your shipment is picked up
  • When it’s shipped
  • When it is released from Customs
  • At the point of arriving to the warehouse facility
  • When it’s delivered
  • When we have the shipment picked up and on it’s way back to you
  • An estimated delivery date
  • When the delivery has been completed

This gives you constant peace of mind knowing that you’re shipment is in safe hands and that you can arrive at your event to receive your shipment.

After the final delivery, we’ll send you a short email questionnaire so that you can tell us about your experience.

You can of course phone us 24 / 7 or communicate direct via the on-line chat feature on our website.


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