Virtual Event Production


Welcome to the world of online events. But where do you start?

As more events are driven online or to hybrid scenarios we are here to help you join the event – or run your own!

While we all await the return of face to face events and conferences, we are constantly seeking to support our clients and customers in new and innovative ways. Helping you drive your business, retain your market visibility, and maintain your brand messaging.

Whether you are a local business looking to host an online event in person, or you are looking to host a wholly online, virtual event – we can help!

Live hosting your own event...

We can provide you with a professionally lit and sound engineered space within our Rockford (Illinois) office building, using the latest technology, and using the expertise of our AV team.

Why not broadcast direct from your existing exhibition booth, or we can create custom background graphics, or provide a green-screen for your own digital background.

Online, virtual conferencing...

If you would prefer a fully online conference experience, we can help you create your entire event online. We can assist with the presentation production and post-production to ensure a professional finish.

Including an easy to navigate lobby area through which visitors can navigate various topics to their selected, pre-recorded presentations.

A perfect way to include content from varied contributors – anywhere in the world.

AV & Video Production...

Working with our AV team we can help you deliver the professional event that you dream of, with a professional setting and the right light and AV expertise you can make every event memorable for your audience.




If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business go virtual for your events, please get in touch. We are here and ready to help you however we can.

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