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Let’s take your virtual booth direct to your audience…

The landscape for events has undergone an unprecedented and unplanned seismic shift over the course of 2020, which means we all need to find ways to adapt and thrive in the new situation. Many organizers and events have taken the ‘virtual’ route – taking their entire conference online. Sounds great, but where do you even start taking your business virtual?

We can help!

We can work with you to create your perfect booth – virtually! With various viewpoints and ‘hotspot’ click-through points for visitors to access, download or request additional information about your services or products, you can help them to walk through your entire booth – as if they were actually there.

This is an investment in the future of your business, not just a quick-fix for the current situation – your virtual booth could help you extend your reach further than ever before, reaching new customers in new markets, without you having to invest the time, staff and money in attending in person. We fully expect virtual events and hybrid events to become a permanent component in events in the future too.

The EBISS difference…

We can offer you a turnkey service, taking all the legwork out of the creation and set up for your virtual exhibition booth for you. We have years of exhibition experience which we bring to every project.

If you need to record or produce any new content, we can help there too! With our purpose-built studio in Rockford, Illinois you can pre-record your content and we can edit and put it through post-production to give you a professional finish every time. Alternatively, if you would prefer your content created offsite we can arrange for a video maker and producer to come to you to take the footage, which again we will have edited and professionally produced.

Take a look at this short video which shows what your virtual booth could look like:

An immersive experience for all your visitors…

This 360 virtual platform is an immersive 3D experience to replicate your booth presence at virtual trade shows, expos, and conferences. We help you design a custom booth that applies your branded graphics, just as a traditional booth would. This is then augmented with clickable ‘hotspots’ which allow your visitors to browse and download your marketing materials and contact information.

A Standard package would include:

  • A full 3D exhibit model based on one of the many standard models (customized designs are available, at an additional cost)
  • Guided tour markers
  • 120-day event hosting
  • Integrate links to products and services including:
    • Videos
    • Contact forms
    • Downloadable product or service brochures
    • Interactive produce/service demos
    • Your product photos with descriptions
    • Social media incorporation
    • Downloadable business cards
    • Analytics reporting to track traffic into the virtual booth
    • Up to 3 stations, 25 clickable links
    • Additional clickable hotspots can be add if required (at an additional cost)

Additional premium options can also be added, including:

  • Fly thru launch video
  • Integration with your current e-commerce portals
  • Integration with live web events
  • Live chat
  • Video conferencing with Zoom
  • Attendee surveys
  • Advanced analytics
  • Pre/Post launch marketing
  • 12-month event hosting

For more information, please contact Derek Huffer / 1.815.516.5084 or derek@ebiss-usa.com

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