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Safeguarding Measures for Reopening Post-Covid19

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Keeping your staff & customers safe. Measures to help you maintain recommended safety protocols

Reassuring and safeguarding your visitors, and staff plays a very important role in the success of your business going forward.

We can offer a wide selection of solutions whether you are looking to update your existing layout or more radical changes are required and help you comply with any necessary protocols or regulations as specified in your local area.

Below are just some of the simple, easy to implement yet effective measures we can provide to help you ensure your business encourages appropriate social distancing behaviors and protects your staff and customers.

How we can help you…

  • Time-saving – source all your essentials from a single point of contact
  • Simplicity – We can deliver, and install if needed, these and many other provisions
  • Hand sanitizer stations – providing safety & reassurance for all.
  • Infra-Red instant-read temperature measurement systems
  • Floor graphics – maintain a safe distance between visitors & staff
  • Queue management measures
  • Sneeze guards – Protecting staff & customers face-to-face. Desk or floor standing
  • Desk dividers & partitions. Desk or floor standing
  • Physical barriers, free-standing walling & screens – sized and positioned for your specific needs
  • Signage for internal or external use
  • Backdrops and graphic skins to make all of your new walls attractive and present a positive brand message

If you would like to know more or would like any prices for the options shown here, or you cannot find exactly what you are looking for – please give us a call on +1 815 516 5084 and we will be happy to help.

A walk through some of the possible measures for reopening safely.

Wellness Station

Clear, concise, and coordinated safety measures and messaging at the entrance to your business will help reassure your visitors and guests, as well as helping to protect all your staff.

This free-standing wall contains a walk-up IR instant-read thermometer, hand sanitizer station, and messaging around mask requirements. Perfect for gyms, offices, shared buildings, hospitality venues, schools, and manufacturing premises.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitization has now become a cornerstone of life and is a necessity for all types of businesses thinking about re-opening – offices, factories, warehouses, retail & service outlets – basically anywhere that employs or serves people! We have a selection of different styles and constructions available to fit any situation.

Features & Benefits

We have a selection of free-standing or counter-top automatic dispensing hand sanitizer stations that can offer you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

  • Metal base & pole
  • An automatic hands-free dispensing system
  • Locked, refillable battery-operated dispenser
  • Can be personalized with YOUR brand
  • Hands-free – reduces cross-contamination risks
  • Free-standing – easily position where you need it
  • No drilling or fixing needed
  • Auto-dispenser reduces wastage/overconsumption – saving you money
  • Compact footprint for your convenience
  • Low maintenance, easy wipe clean vinyl coating
  • Bulk refill sanitizer also available
  • The dispensing unit also available separately

Infra-Red Temperature Measurement

Fast, accurate contact-free, real-time temperature readings in under 1 second!

These easy to use IR scanners use medical-grade Infra-red to quickly and accurately measure the temperature of visitors or staff.

  • Keep your staff & visitors safe
  • Perfect for high-footfall areas or events
  • Helps you control entry to your event or venue, restricting the movements of those who may be carrying the virus
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5F
  • Large LED display – easy to read & understand
  • Simple alarm/OK indicator
  • Available as detector unit only, floor standing single kiosk or walk through scanner
  • Perfect for events & exhibitions
Infra-Red Temperature Scanners

Instructional Signage

These measures could be as simple as hard-wearing vinyl floor markings (above) to encourage your visitors to maintain a suitable distance or pop-up banners (see below) with directions or instructions that you require your staff or visitors to follow. We can also supply outdoor cafe barriers that can be printed with your own branding or messages.

Need an outdoor sidewalk sign that you can update easily? Then we have solutions to fit that too! The Whirlwind Outdoor sign shown below features a tough weighted base and simple to change clip frame for posters.

If your business has started offering an order collection area, for example, clear signals will help your operation run smoothly. They also give the added benefit of being easily portable – simply position them wherever you need them and bring them inside for safe overnight storage.

If you need to create a separate outdoors collection or pick up area, these easy to erect pop-up tents are the perfect solution. Full and half height side panels (as shown above) are available separately.

Physical Barriers & Sneeze Guards

Convenient & easy to install these perch, desk-mounted clear screens are available in 6ft and 8ft widths. They are supplied with adjustable clamps, assembly takes just a few minutes and requires no tools. The lightweight aluminum tube frame supports a fabric header (which can be branded with your logo or message) a clear vinyl shield.

Perspex screens provide protection for your staff and customers alike. They can be full-sized, floor standing units which fit well between tables or desks, without blocking the light and maintaining a nicer atmosphere. They can be counter or desk mounted to form a protective screen between your staff and customers or between customers themselves if positioned side by side.

We have a host of different layouts and formats and can help you find the perfect solution that works for your own individual situation.

Movable Partition Walls & Backdrops

If your business has an existing exhibition stand or back wall – why not use it to create a positive branding message for the way forward, subdividing a room, marking different areas, or displaying large clear instructional signage? We can assist with the design, print and installation of all types of graphics. We have frameworks available to hire if you don’t have one already, but have a use for this solution in your business.

Shown below is an example wall, but they are available in any size and layout that fits your space.

Let us know what you need, and we can help!

To discuss your needs please give us a call on +1-815-516-5084 or drop us an email at info@ebiss-usa.com or click here for our contact form, and we will be happy to help you find the right solution for your safe reopening.

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