Exhibiting in the US?

Some points to be aware of when exhibiting in the US

Exhibiting in the US is different to exhibiting in other countries.  We have various systems and processes that are fairly unique to the USA.

If you’re organising a stand (known as a booth) in the USA, here are a few points to be aware of:

  • Ordering of services – One major difference between events in the UK or Europe where most services (i.e. electrical, internet, flooring, etc.) are provided with the show packet and cost, these are typically and extra step and cost to be ordered for U.S. shows. This will vary depending on the size of the show or venue, so please make sure to check the exhibitor packet for further details.


  • Line of sight restrictions – Some U.S. events and venues have restrictions on how tall the side walls of your display can be in a in-line booth setting. Since the shows there do not utilize a “shell scheme” , each stand is potentially different and therefore certain organizers will put these restrictions in place to ensure each booth has equal visibility to attendees. Please refer to the show regulations to establish specific details for your stand.


  • Install and dismantle – Most venues in the U.S will provide and install and dismantle service for each event as an option through the show. In the event that the show does not offer this service, you will have the opportunity to contract your own labor crew to set up and strike your stand. Please contact EBISS-USA for more information.


  • Advanced warehouse vs. show site delivery – Most U.S. shows will provide the option to ship your stand early to an advanced warehouse. This gives you the opportunity to ensure your stand is there in plenty of time for the event and will be delivered directly to the show by the organizer. Otherwise, the stand can be targeted to be delivered right to the show the day of install.


  • Drayage – Also known as material handling.  This is an unavoidable expense and often blindsides exhibitors. Drayage refers to the movement of your exhibition materials from the delivery vehicle to your booth space. This service includes: unloading the freight once it has arrived at the receiving dock, transporting the goods to your stand / booth, removing empty shipping items (such as crates and pallets) from your stand / booth space, temporarily storing empty shipping items during the show, returning empty shipping items once the show is over, transferring the freight back to the loading dock, and loading the items onto the vehicle picking up.  There will be forms you will need to complete to book this service before & after your event.
    A drayage contractor is appointed by a show organiser and we do not have any control over the service or the cost.  Find out more about Drayage, and how you can keep your costs to a minimum on our blog here.


Some other FAQ’s which could be of interest are

Q: Does EBISS provide booths?

A: Yes, we offer a full line or both portable and modular display options for rent or purchase. We also offer AV and furniture rental.

Q: Does EBISS offer assistance with ordering show services and coordination shows?

A: Yes, we offer a package to include the coordination of show orders along with monitoring and managing the show form our side.

Q: If we are shipping our stand from the UK/EU, how long in advance do we need to organize shipping prior to the event?

A: This will obviously depend on the country of origin and the size/amount of materials being shipped. In all cases, the sooner you can organize your shipment, the more options you will have and the less costly it will be. Please contact our logistics team and we can assist in scheduling your shipment and provide cost estimates.