Re-opening hospitality safely - post-Covid...

Winnebago County Health Department has recently published its guidelines for restaurants in the region reopening, so we have pulled together a quick reference guide for the pieces of this puzzle that we can help you with. The 3 main areas where we can offer solutions are sanitizers, signage, and spacing!

Below are the key points we have taken from the guidelines and how we can help you solve them for your business. (Please read the full Health Department information before opening your business!)

You can read the full regulations here: READ MORE

  • Restaurants must comply with applicable local municipal ordinances
  • All premises must complete a Winnebago County Health Department self-inspection form before opening
  • A signed copy of this form must be submitted within 5 days of operation

Key Points for Dining:

Areas highlighted in orange text are where we can help you the most!

  • Sanitizer – on entry and at cashier stations
  • Signage – no entry if presenting with any Coronavirus symptoms
  • Spacing Seating: outdoors only, 6ft between tables, access must not be through the restaurant
  • Queuing – sufficient measures must be in place to allow guests to queue at a safe distance (6ft), or a β€˜call when ready’ service so they may wait away from your area
  • Guests – maximum of 6 per table
  • Touchless menus where possible (e.g. on a blackboard or TV screen), any physical menus must be sanitized after each use
  • Self-serve food & beverages are not permitted
  • Payment – if possible, use cashless, touchless, and pay ahead methods. If tableside payment device is used it must be sanitized in the presence of the customer before and after use
  • Facemasks – should be worn over the nose & mouth except when eating or drinking
  • Take-out/Delivery – continue to encourage these options if applicable
  • Condiments – on request only and must be single-use/disposable

Solutions for you:


We have a selection of free-standing or counter-top automatic dispensing hand sanitizer stations that can offer you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.


These measures could be as simple as hard-wearing vinyl floor markings (above) to encourage your visitors to maintain a suitable distance or pop-up banners (see below) with directions or instructions that you require your staff or visitors to follow. We can also supply outdoor cafe barriers that can be printed with your own branding or messages.

Need an outdoor sidewalk sign that you can update easily? Then we have solutions to fit that too! The Whirlwind Outdoor sign shown below features a tough weighted base and simple to change clip frame for posters.

If your business has started offering an order collection area, for example, clear signals will help your operation run smoothly. They also give the added benefit of being easily portable – simply position them wherever you need them and bring them inside for safe overnight storage.

Spacing – Physical Barriers

Perspex screens provide protection for your staff and customers alike. They can be full-sized, floor standing units which fit well between tables or desks, without blocking the light and maintaining a nicer atmosphere. They can be counter or desk mounted to form a protective screen between your staff and customers or between customers themselves if positioned side by side.

Touchless Menu alternatives…

Here we have many options to offer you!

  • Digital banners
  • Fabric banner (single or double-sided graphics)
  • Vinyl retractable banner (single or double-sided graphic)
  • Outdoor menu board (single or double-sided)
  • TV stand and monitor with digital programming

Get in touch…

If you need any advice or assistance in preparing your restaurant, bar, cafe, or any other business then please do get in touch. We can help you create a solution that fits your own unique business perfectly, and help your business reopen and get back to doing what you do best!

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