Digital Lead Capture – at your fingertips

Looking to create a fun, interactive vibe on your Exhibition or Trade Show Booth, whilst also capturing all that valuable sales lead data? Want to draw visitors on to your stand and then have them spread your brand across Social Media for you?

Want to do ALL of this without having to purchase a single piece of tech kit?

Well, here is how you can achieve ALL the above – thanks to the latest, and dare we say it, most exciting addition yet to our Trade Show rental collection.

Introducing our Digital Lead Capture Kiosk. It is available to hire for as long, or as short a time as you need it. No overheads for you – you only pay for when you actually need it.

USA Lead Capture Kiosk 1

Digital Lead Capture Kiosk, with in-built visitor engagement features

So what is it exactly?

The Kiosk is a compact floor-standing unit that contains built-in lighting for a dramatic, eye-catching effect. It has a small footprint so won’t take up much floor space in your booth. The stand contains a digital touchscreen which can be configured in several different ways, depending on your preferences.

It will instantly give you:
• Digital data capture potential
• An attractive illuminated talking point that will draw visitors to your booth
• Online Access to your websites or presentations
• Access to social media applications directly from your booth
• Branding opportunities (onscreen & on the stand itself)

The Kiosk can be branded back & front using vinyl stickers, why not build a fun background into your booth design as our friends at Luxe Productions have done here?

How would you use it?

Fun Interaction & creating a buzz

Encourage your booth visitors to take fun selfies, which they can customise with digital accessories such as glasses & emojis and more. The circle of light provides the perfect lighting for flattering photos that they will love to share! The photos are saved in your gallery, and your stand visitor emails a link to themselves to access their image in your gallery so they can download their image to share. (This saves everyone having to remember all the login details for their social media accounts.) Any of these steps would require the completion of a quick data capture form.

Corporate Information & lead capture

The touchscreen can connect to your company website, enabling visitors to easily access and scroll through your company information or online brochures. This removes the need for you to have expensive hard copy prints of your catalogues, brochures and company information. Provides your staff with all of your company information at their fingertips and leaves them free to talk to clients, rather than writing down notes and contact details.


Key benefits for you

• Quick & easy data capture for all stand visitors – they complete their own details

• Simple to customize to your needs

• Can be branded to match the rest of your booth using vinyl self-adhesive graphics

• Frees up your booth staff to do what they are really good at – talking to customers

• An eye-catching draw to pull people in

• Replaces the need for expensive printed literature

• Removes the need for written lead capture notes

• Removes the chances of leads being unviable due to illegible handwriting, misunderstanding names or company spelling errors

• Gives a fun & interactive element to your booth

• Selfie feature can be disabled if not required or not relevant to your corporate branding

• Light can be dimmed to your chosen levels as required

• The light gives picture-perfect selfies

• If not using the photography feature, the light still attracts attention due to its shape & luminosity

• With the Selfie feature, your stand visitors can help advertise YOUR brand when sharing their booth photos on Social Media (make sure you give them a short & unique # to use!)

• No major outlay on expensive tech solutions

• Rent it for only as long as you need it

• All lead data captured during the show will be downloaded and supplied digitally, ready to use

This versatile Kiosk can do so much more than just take selfies – but we do find that this is a particularly popular feature with booth visitors!

Set up requirements/technical details

• Mains power supply

• Runs IoS

• The unit can be used without an internet connection (although a connection is required for the initial login to the app), but this will limit the functionality available. Any images or data sent will be held in a queue until the unit is reconnected to the internet

• Printing: you can print from this unit using Apple AirPrint, however, this requires that both the kiosk and printer are connected via WiFi

• This unit can not be hardwired to the internet via ethernet or similar cable


If you would like any more details on this item, or any of our other rental accessories please give us a call or email us at and we will be happy to help.


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