Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain - Mexico

15 – 17 NOVEMBER, 2022

Marquis Reforma Hotel, Mexico City

Mexico City 2022

Included in your exhibitor package

We also have a selection of rental furniture and AV equipment available to rent, to enable you to customize your booth to suit your needs.

These must be booked and paid for separately. Full details in the form below.

*Additional power drop can be ordered for $125.00ea. 

*Power strips and extension cords can be ordered through the show organizer

       -Power strip $12.50  /  Extension cord $17.50


Freight Services

We are able to handle freight originating within the United States or internationally. We’ll take care of it from origin to your booth and back again including all drayage services.  For international shipments, we have our own office in the UK and a network of world-wide partners that can look after you.  Please let us know how we can help.

Advance Warehouse

If you wish to use your own courier or shipper, please ensure that you ship to the advance warehouse. 

  • October 3rd – November 1st 2022 (Monday to Friday) from 8:00am to 4.00pm.
  • Shipments arriving before or after that deadline are subject to surcharge.
  • Our labels MUST be used and these are included with our on-line order.
  • Inbound rates (without early/late surcharge) are $187.50 per 100 Lbs. CWT with a 200 Lbs. minimum of $375.00
  • Small package – max weight is 30 Lbs. per shipment of $100.00

Applies to a shipment totaling an number of pieces with a combined weight not to exceed 30 Lbs. that is received on the same day, from the same shipper and delivered by the same carrier.

  • Surcharge for delivery before or after warehouse deadline in addition to above rates of 30%


We will deliver all items that are received correctly labelled at the advance warehouse to your booth using the rates above.

 Empty packaging will also be stored during the event and returned after. 

Outbound Freight

We can coordinate deliveries back to the advance warehouse for your carrier to pick-up.  The rates above apply again for outbound shipments.  The warehouse will hold them for 7 days after pick-up from your booth without charge.  We can handle any return or onward shipping whether domestically or internationally.

Freight not picked up by 8pm on May 14th will be forced back to the warehouse and the warehouse rates will apply.

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