Our art handling services & expertise

As your experienced, reliable fine art packing and shipping experts, we can offer you an efficient, effective, and custom made solution for all your art shipping needs.

Through our European & US offices, we can offer you a seamless service and assist you with all your customs and import paperwork, with all the convenience of a domestic US contact team. We can arrange the following:

  • Collection anywhere worldwide
  • Local expert assistance with all your import/customs paperwork
  • Bespoke shipping crates/art packing service
  • Local Advance Warehouse solutions (depending on the fair)
  • Delivery direct to your booth/stand
  • Packing & return shipping after the show
  • Delivery of sold pieces direct to your buyers



We are a specialist art shipper and broker for fairs in the US and also internationally.

For events in the US, you can use your own freight forwarder to ship your exhibits to the destination city.  We will then Customs clear shipments and handle the delivery into the fair.  At the end of the fair, we’ll pick-up your shipment and return it to you by air or ocean.

We can even handle deliveries of sold items to any worldwide destination.

For international events, we can organize crating and packing.   We would then take care of your shipment from your location to your event to include Customs brokerage and return to you at the end of the fair.


artworkFor Event Organizers

If you’re an organizer of a fair, listing EBISS in your exhibitor manual is a great way to demonstrate to your international exhibitors that you have a solution to make their event hassle-free.  We can even be at the fair during set-up and tear-down to help the international exhibitors with paperwork and oversee the uplift of their exhibits.


SOFA – the annual Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair held in Chicago

We will also look after you at the art fair location with one (or more) of our team there to ensure all is taken care of correctly and the paperwork completed properly.





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