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Reopening Restaurants – Post-Coronavirus

Winnebago County Health Department has recently published its guidelines for restaurants in the region reopening, so we have pulled together a quick reference guide for the pieces of this puzzle that we can help you with. The 3 main areas where we can offer solutions are sanitizers, signage, and spacing! Below are the key points we have taken from the guidelines and how we can help you solve them for your business. (Please read the…

Are you ready for the new ‘normal’?

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Understandably it’s going to be a while before all our events, exhibitions, and conferences are fully back to ‘normal’, but what adjustments can we make NOW to ensure that our stands are safe for our staff and customers in the new ‘socially distanced’ world of exhibitions? With everyone more aware than ever before about personal space and reducing the risks we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. There are several small tweaks that could…

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