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Trade Show and Display Asset Management Services

Your events – made easy

No other company can truly deliver the same exceptional and dependable service to so many events, anywhere in the world.  We transport conference materials to events throughout the US, Europe and the rest of the world, and will deliver them directly to your stand and return to you  after the event, or we can hold it in storage until you need it again.

We can tailor our services to reflect perfectly your needs –  as not only do we handle the courier movement, we can also assist with the design of your stand plus all your storage needs between events – we can even set-up and dismantle your stand.

From initial design concept to final installation, we can take your stress away

Imagine completing an order form, receiving an instant confirmation that your order is received and then arriving at your event to find your stand ready assembled for you.  Then, at the end of the event you leave your stand and we carefully dismantle your stand for you and return it to your offices. You would feel relaxed and stress free knowing that you’re in safe hands. To summarize, this is what we can do to ensure your conference success.

  • Transport of display and support items in EBISS truck or van to any destination
  • Install and dismantle of display
  • Re-packing of booth and support materials
  • AV and furniture rental catalog
  • Show service ordering and coordination
  • Procurement of booth assets and giveaway items
  • Electrical conversion equipment by country

For your convenience we offer a bespoke online ordering system which enables you to easily book your conference shipping needs and your consumables at the same time, but don’t worry about weighing and measuring your items as we’ll take care of this for you.

We also promise that we’ll keep you updated. No need for you to spend time tracking your  shipment. We’ll provide you with updates at key stages by email, phone and/or SMS. This means you can relax and know you’re in the safest hands.

Our Pick & Pack Service



EBISS Inc - Pick & Pack Service

Pick & Pack Service – we will take care of all your show consumables and deliver direct to your booth

We can hold stock of all your show consumables, and maintain an online inventory so you can simply call off the items you need, when you need them.   We can then deliver all of your consumables or giveaways, along with your booth direct to the venue.

Your bespoke online order form enables you to keep a check on your stock levels of all of your items – if you are running low on any items we can either reprint/reorder for you, or you can arrange for new stock to be sent direct to us, ready for your next event.

All your items are stored securely in our clean and modern warehouse, with each item clearly labelled for ease of picking and to ensure you get the most efficient service possible.

Key benefits for you: 

  • Simplifies your exhibition planning – if we are storing & delivering your stand, it makes sense to get everything from the same supplier, easier for you & more cost effective
  • Saves you space – removes the need for any storage space in your own office facility
  • Saves you money on printing costs – printing or purchasing giveaways in bulk will save on your unit costs
  • Quick reference stock figures – your online order form displays all the current stock we hold of each item, so you can easily identify any reordering requirements
  • Saves you time – as we manage your stock for you, we can even arrange reprints/repurchasing of your items if needed
  • Frees up your staff to carry out activities that add more value to your business
  • Saves you shipping costs – as we can pack all of your literature and other items and deliver along with your exhibition stand, direct to your stand space
  • Cuts down your stress – you can be certain that everything will be there on your stand ready for your show
  • Simple online ordering – you can view your stock levels and place your orders online
  • QC – all items are inspected upon arrival and we can feed back any issues straight away


Perfect for all your exhibition & conference little extras: 

  • Leaflets & flyers
  • Catalogs & brochures
  • Stationery for your stand
  • Bags
  • T-shirts & clothing
  • Giveaways – everything from phone accessories to pens, drinks bottles to shoeshine kits
  • Toys & games
  • Sweets & chocolates – we will keep an eye on the expiry dates for you


Please get in touch for more details or to discuss how we can assist you.


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