Event Logistics


Exhibiting in the US? We can support you every step of the way…

We provide Customs brokerage services for international companies exhibiting in the USA.  Whether you already have a freight agent or need our help, we are perfectly positioned to help you.

Our agents are located in all major cities around the world have local knowledge that is paramount to ensure the success of your event.  They can also communicate with you in your local time zones and language.

You may choose to use your own freight agent, however, they should check with us for our shipping instructions.

For each event, we’ll supply shipping instructions so that everyone knows

  • When to have their shipment ready
  • What the sea and air freight deadlines are
  • When shipments should arrive at the relevant port/airport

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Customs clearance/brokerage

For all shipments coming into the US, a Customs entry must be submitted.

An import Bond is required for every shipment into the US.  A non-refundable Bond fee is applicable.

EBISS has our own import Bond and we can offer reduced Bond fees on all imports.

Temporary Import

For shipments coming into the US that will be re-exported, a Temporary import entry must be submitted.  All items must then be re-exported after the event.

Permanent (consumption entry)

For items remaining in the US, we would submit a consumption (or permanent) entry.  Duties are payable on imports.  Note that if you have a mixed temporary and permanent shipment, a separate commercial invoice is required as we must submit two separate Customs entries.

ATA Carnet

Sometimes, an ATA Carnet can be beneficial.  We can handle the clearance of any ATA Carnet shipment on your behalf.

Delivery to event

Advance warehouse vs. direct to show

We recommend that all exhibits are delivered to the advance receiving warehouse for your event.  Doing this ensures that:

  • You have shipped in plenty of time for the event
  • We are much less likely to incur any waiting time when delivering into the warehouse
  • You benefit from cost savings compared to express shipments
  • You have peace of mind knowing your shipment is Customs cleared and will be moved to your booth at the event

If you need to ship later, we can still deliver directly to your booth but please be aware that we may often wait for some time before any truck is offloaded.  Waiting time charges are therefore incurred as the truck is unable to make any other deliveries while waiting to make your delivery, and will be billed accordingly.

EBISS Visit during your event

An EBISS representative will meet with you in person during the event if you desire.  We can discuss your onward or return shipping arrangements. If you’re in another city, we can arrange to meet with you.

Pick-up from show site

After the event, we’ll arrange for your shipment to be picked up, and based on your return instructions, we’ll process its return or onward delivery.

Return/onward shipping

As well as returning to origin, we can organize delivery anywhere in the US or the world.

Re-import brokerage and delivery

If we’re arranging a return outside of the US, we’ll also handle the Customs brokerage and return delivery.

Regular Communication

You’ll be notified at key stages so that you can rest safe in the knowledge that EBISS is providing excellent care for your exhibits.

Online ordering

To further save you time, EBISS offers on-line ordering.  This enables you to provide clear, specific instructions before pick-up and shipment of your exhibit.