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One exquisite art display – meticulously planned, perfectly executed. You can always entrust your precious pieces into our safe hands. Ting Ying Blanc de Chine display at ESH Gallery (Milan) 2019 Over the past year, we have developed a close working relationship with Peter Ting, owner of Ting Ying Gallery and acclaimed ceramics artist. We regularly assist the Ting Ying Gallery with their shipping needs for individual pieces being shipped anywhere in the world. We
Looking to create a fun, interactive vibe on your Exhibition or Trade Show Booth, whilst also capturing all that valuable sales lead data? Want to draw visitors on to your stand and then have them spread your brand across Social Media for you? Want to do ALL of this without having to purchase a single piece of tech kit? Well, here is how you can achieve ALL the above – thanks to the latest, and

Short & Sweet Trade Show Shipping Tips

Posted on June 26, 2019

There are pages and pages of advice online about how to pull off the perfect exhibition, build the best stand or save the most money. In this blog, we explore some tips and ways that can make the planning and logistics elements of your exhibition cost-effective and as stress-free as they can be. We bring you our Short & Sweet Trade Shipping Show Tips! This obviously doesn’t cover every possibility and scenario, but they will
Also known as ‘material handling’ drayage is a unique system that you will encounter if you are exhibiting in the U.S. It is an expense that is unfortunately unavoidable, but with a bit of careful planning you can keep your costs as low as possible and reduce the chance of any nasty surprises! Named after the ‘dray’ – the name for the low sided horse-pulled wagon carts of yesteryear (think beautiful Shire horses pulling nostalgic

It’s what we do…

Posted on May 22, 2019

8 steps to a happy client…it’s what we do! How do you convert a prospect into a lifelong customer? We can’t speak for everyone else, but here’s how WE do it… We bring you the “EBISS 8 steps to a happy customer”, 1. Quick responses – nobody likes to be kept waiting 2. Expert & confident advice 3. Clear & concise answers to all questions & inquiries 4. Clearly specified itemized budgets 5. Adding value
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