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It’s what we do…

Posted on May 22, 2019

8 steps to a happy client…it’s what we do! How do you convert a prospect into a lifelong customer? We can’t speak for everyone else, but here’s how WE do it… We bring you the “EBISS 8 steps to a happy customer”, 1. Quick responses – nobody likes to be kept waiting 2. Expert & confident advice 3. Clear & concise answers to all questions & inquiries 4. Clearly specified itemized budgets 5. Adding value
Q: How do you transport unique, delicate ceramic artwork across the Atlantic? A: VERY, VERY carefully! EBISS recently did just that, delivering this unique piece of ceramic art by Chen Desheng for the London gallery of Ting Ying Studio, to its new home across the Atlantic in the U.S. Bonsai by Chen Desheng for Ting Ying Studio The Challenge: We were entrusted with this exquisite Blanc De Chine ceramic sculpture with a very delicate design
When planning your exhibitions one of the largest potential expenditures could be the exhibition booth itself, if you are planning to attend multiple shows and make repeated use of the same stand then outright purchase is a simple decision to make, but what if you are just starting out, or are not sure how many exhibitions or conferences you may attend in a year? Whether you are testing the ground to see whether exhibitions will
Your brand isn’t disposable – and neither should your exhibition stand be…   But what does ‘sustainable’ really mean? The Oxford English Dictionary describe it as “causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time”. Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? The amount of waste generated at exhibitions and events is a hot topic right now, so we thought we’d explore some of the ways that
Small enough to care, big enough to deliver on our promises… What makes EBISS different from other exhibition or logistics companies? Simply put – it’s our people! Our small, but perfectly formed team of logistics experts in Chicago and the UK are always on hand to ensure your event goes smoothly and your shipments are delivered in perfect condition and on time. In addition to our founder & owner Wayne Forster we have 4 dedicated